Pittsburgh Vol 2, Chapter 1: In Which We Sing About Livestock and Time Travel

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

T’was the day of the show, y’ins guys!!!  Tuesday arrived and with it a musical montage of getting shit done.  Morning meetings were followed by printing programs, making Reset List magnets (which we neglected to inform our future audience about, and hence, sell), brainstorming sessions, instrument practice and social media diarrhea.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review had us listed as a HOT PICK for the week and we were also featured in the Program Notes Blog in the Pittsburgh City Paper.  Our show had pre-sold quite a few tickets already and we were hoping that even more people would discover their innate undying love of all things Reset List and purchase tickets at the door. In reality we would have been happy with ANY audience at our show.  What we got was overwhelming.

As showtime approached we donned our finest rock garb, loaded up my car and headed over to the Sing Sing Dueling Piano Bar to load in.  Karl Bailey, a regular performer at Sing Sing, was our technician for the evening and he made us sound REAL good.  Missy and I hid backstage as audience members started to file in and busied ourselves with an epic, albeit private, rap battle to keep warm.

The show began as Pittsburgh Native/Missy’s long-time friend Aaron Kleiber took the stage for a 25 minute set of stand-up comedy.  Dude brought the funny and spread it liberally among the audience.  Aaron tours the country doing stand-up so if he comes to your town you owe it to yourself to see him.  And not only did Aaron perform in the show, but he also set up the gig for us, created posters, and spread the word like wildfire over internets, airwaves and through direct human to human interface.  Plus, his awesome wife worked the door for the show.

Once Aaron left the stage it was time for our grand entrance to the booty thumping melodies of Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison”.  Missy and I, clad in our finest “N’at” wear (please see pictures…which will be posted SOON), danced our way to the stage and were greeted by over 170 faces that needed rocking off.  We met that need with a 14 song set.  The aforementioned Karl joined us on a few songs, taking over piano duties for Missy in the middle of a song without missing a beat, and backing us up on drums on another, and even Aaron got in on the action adding lyrics to on of our ditties.

Here’s the set list:

  • Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
  • I Have No Idea
  • That Was My Wife’s Favorite Song
  • The Playroom
  • I Thought It Would Be Bigger
  • Horses Have Bigger Dongs Than Cows
  • Time Paradox of the Heart
  • What are my Choices
  • Whiskey for Breakfast
  • I Love You For Your Brains
  • Me Love You Long Time
  • Spank Me
  • I am the Mockingjay
  • It’s My Birthday

We had a fantastic time playing for this cornucopia of audience members and we are so grateful to the city of Pittsburgh for making us feel right at home.  Thanks again to Sing Sing, Aaron Kleiber, and Missy’s family for putting us up in a swanky hotel where we lived like conservative rock stars for a few days.

We’ll see you again, Pittsburgh.


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