Catalyst Ranch 10 Year Anniversary

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Catalyst Ranch is Chicago’s go-to place for awesome, kitschy, quirky meetings and events.  They provide a fantastically colorful environment filled with warm, talented staff (A. because they’re good at their jobs, B. because many of them are actors) that is a perfect place for meetings, conferences, brainstorms, weddings, and now improvised rock concerts.

Opened by Eva Niewiadomski in 2002, the ranch has been changing lives for a decade and they (understandably) wanted to celebrate.  And since they are in the business of making great events happen, who better to throw it than themselves?  Now here is where we come in.  The Catalyst Ranch offers Reset List’s musical improv workshop services as a meeting extra for their clients.  We felt very fortunate that when they were deciding how to entertain their guests, they choo-choo-chose us as a representative of their many awesome offerings as a company.IMG_0901

We played a twelve song set to a lively crowd and had a bunch of firsts during the show.  It was our first show with me on bass, first show with Missy behind the keys and our first show playing with Drew Current on drums.

Here’s the set list:

  • Meow Meow Meow; Meowmeowmeow Meow…Meow (from Songs in the Key of Meow Flat)
  • Home Home on the Ranch (title track)
  • Randy and Sandy (from Shacking up with Hurricaine Sandy)
  • RUFIO!!! (from BANGARANG!!! The Lost Boyz Album)
  • Three Drinks ’til Gay (from Cupid Took a Sick Day)
  • Songs From a Teenage Diary (title track)
  • Mr. Smith (from Missy Sings the Phonebook)
  • Why Wasn’t Ryan Gosling Voted Sexiest Man Alive in People Magazine (from Ryan Gosling, Future Husband)
  • One, Two, Three, Four More Years (from FOUR MORE YEARS: An Obamalbum)
  • Rise of the Daleks (from Doctor Whom)
  • We Be Scrooge McDuckin’ (title track)
  • My Drunk Uncle Hates Me (from Plymouth Rock & Roll: The Thanksgiving Album)IMG_0902

We had a great time playing for the ranch hands and their guests and we are looking forward to all future collaborations within the confines of their multi-colored walls.  Thanks again, Catalyst Ranch!


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