Our Return to Tonight It’s Live with Tom Bambara

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tom Bambara invited us once again to play his late night talk show at the Oracle Theatre in Chicago and we just couldn’t say no.  Well, we technically could have but we didn’t want to so…we didn’t.

Tom is a good friend of ours from our time training at the Second City.  He is a fun/funny man with a ton of impressions and his own writing staff.  Our interview was even more weird than our last encounter.  We somehow avoided talking about the mating habits of ducks this time though. However I think Missy and I are trying to work out whether we talk about real stuff in an interview situation, or just play rock stars the whole time.  At one point I actually, in true rock star fashion, spit my gum at Tom.  Well, if it were in true rock star fashion the gum would have been whiskey or vomit and Tom would  have actually noticed it had happened.

After our interview we got down to business and made some rock and roll.  Three songs were sung, the titles of which elude me to this day.  I do know we sung a song about doing it with aliens…because we’re classy.

Go see Tonight It’s Live: With Tom Bambara.  It’s well worth the zero dollars you’ll spend at the door.  Let’s retract that.  It’s a thousand times more valuable than the zero dollars you’ll spend at the door (0 x 1,000 = …0). Ummm…it’s good.  It’s a good show.


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