Closing Night at the Viaduct!!!

Posted: August 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Show #5 was a cornucopia of voices, vices, and vintage dance styles. The Tacky Annies kicked off the show with a great set of…dances, all inspired by early 20th century dance genres. They tapped, did the Charleston, Lindied, and they did much of it with their hair in finger waves, and their bodies in corsets, and frilly underwear. Go see them perform.

Our set included songs such as…
  1. Why Did You Get My Mom Wasted? (from our album “Never Ever Have I Ever”)
  2. Zits (from “Songs We Wrote When We Were High”)
  3. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Fries (from our album benefiting Anorexia)
  4. Slime (because Slime People are People too)
  5. Rubber Ice Tray
  6. Suck On This (from our first all-guy threesome)
  7. Show Me on the Doll (a song for kids!)
  8. I’m Gonna Cry (inspired by one of our many ex-girlfriends in the audience)
  9. Gonorrhea is Sad
  10. Rubix Cube I Almost Completed (from “Things We Lost Under the Bed”)
  11. Sofa Chair Chaise
  12. Jump!!! (Not to be confused with “Jump for My Love” or the song by the same name by Kris Kross)
At the end of our set we even had our own go-go dancers join us onstage. We’re thinking of adding cages to our stage setup for all future shows. That way we’ll be more family friendly.

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