Week 4 at Donny’s Skybox

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Crash, bang, boom y’all. Week 4 came with a sold out crowd, Cougars (otherwise known as mothers) in the audience, and a bevy of references to vegetables.

Here’s the set list.

1. More Carrot Juice
2. Tomato Fever
3. I Love Your Hemorrhoid
4. Teddy Ruxpin
5. Take my Last Name, Bitch
6. You Wouldn’t Stop Wearing my Vest
7. Pearl
8. Cougarville
9. Douche
10. More Carrot Jews
11. Busty’s Birthday
12. Massive Stimulus Package

There are two more chances to see us at Donny’s Skybox including special guests during our final show on the 31st. See you there.


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