Closing Night…mare!!!

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Our final show at Donny’s Skybox just so happened to land on Halloween. It was a show filled with ghouls, gore and guests. Gabe was missing for the evening due to a previous engagement so we filled in his spot with three wonderful guest musicians and vocalists. A huge thanks to Eric (insert last name here), Tom Bambara, and Erica Elam for singing and playing their hearts out.

Here’s the set list.

1. Spooky Town

2. Rip my Heart Out and Eat it Like a Zombie
3. Don’t Punch Me in Gym Class
4. I Don’t Sign Legal Documents
5. Red Skittles
6. Prop Your Rose Pedal on My Ass
7. Diana
8. Smooth My Pumpkin Ridges
9. Better Than JC Penny
10. 2 Car Garage
11. The Box
12. Avalanche
13. Stop It!!!
A special thanks to everyone who came out for our run at Donny’s Skybox. You helped to make it a huge success. Keep a look out for future performances.

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