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The 2010 Chicago Improv Festival showcased some of the best improv groups in the United States and abroad.  Between April 19-25 the City of Chicago became even more jam-packed with improv goodness and shows spread throughout the city in 12 venues.  It was great seeing so many friends performing in one week, a real testament to all the talent that is already here in Chicago.  Reset List also made new friends with the group KISSprov, who borrowed some of our instruments for their show.  Picture the members of KISS dressed in their full regailia, doing longform improv and peppering the show with actual KISS songs.  Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.

Reset List also had the joy and honor of playing the closing night festivities of CIF at Martyr’s.  We opened up for a roast of Mark Sutton, a Chicago improv staple as a teacher and performer (Bassprov).  Since our set was shorter than usual we changed up our song suggestion strategy and created a set list from a hat filled with audience requests.  It worked well – even though we failed to provide the press with a song request slip (facepalm) – and we had a really fun show.  A big thanks to the CIF Executive Director Jonathan Pitts for having us.  We’re looking forward to the 2011 CIF.

Also, Israel had just gotten married and was off galavanting on his honeymoon so we had the very talented Andrew Graves fill in for him.  Aaron switched from drums to the keys and Andrew rocked out on the drumset providing a fun new dynamic for us.  Did we miss Israel?  Yes.  Did we welcome Andrew with open arms?  NO.  We’re butt slappers, not huggers.

Here’s the set list!

  1. Haven’t You Always Wanted a Monkey
  2. Aqua Net Queen
  3. Rock the Cradle of Love
  4. So Much Pain 2 Ca$h in on
  5. She Fucked my Uncle

Please Note: any resemblance of our song titles to lyrics of the Barenaked Ladies or Billy Idol is purely coincidental.  The only covering we do is your face with the sweet sounds of rock.


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