Driving Blind Fundraiser

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Justin Purvis was driving around the country with his brother and a camera crew. Why was he driving around the country with his brother and a camera crew, you ask?  We’ll tell you.  Justin and his brother both have Choroideremia, a congenital eye disease that gradually leads to extreme vision loss and even blindness.  Justin and his brother are still both able to see but they’re on their way across the United States taking in all they can in the event that they do lose their vision.  On the way they are filming a documentary and raising awareness in a project called Driving Blind.

On the Chicago leg of their tour they had an evening of improv at the Chemically Imbalanced Comedy theatre with two acts, an intermission and 6 improv groups.  Matt had done improv with Justin in college and Reset List was invited to play a short set.  It was our first acoustic set in front of an audience and we played for keeps, which included utterly destroying a tambourine (may it rest in pieces) and more rhymes than you can shake a stick at.

Here’s the set list:

  1. Butter My Bread then Give me Head
  2. $2 Items at the Dollar Store
  3. You Rode Your Segway Into the Sunset
  4. Tunnel Vision Love
  5. G-Spot Parking Lot

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