The New York Musical Improv Festival

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
Bright lights, big city, y’all!  We just got back from the New York Musical Improv Festival and holy hell it was a sweet ride.  We were welcomed by the production staff who treated us like family, free hugs abounded and the entire experience was chock full of awesome.  Each show we saw was populated by extremely talented improvisers and we were fortunate to get to share a stage with them…TWICE.
Missy and I hit the stage on Friday night opening up for Diamond Lion.  It was our first set playing as a duo and we were as stoked as ever.  Adding to that excitement was the fact that we got to play to a sold-out house (and I personally was excited about wearing a kimono).  Hearts were broken, babies were baptized in the sweet funk of our tunes, and we all learned the true meaning of the apocalypse…if we could agree on how it’s supposed to happen in the first place.
Here’s the set list:
  1. Whichita Loves a Lady
  2. I Love You More Than I Say I Do
  3. Blowfish Apocalypse
  4. Ken and Barbie Could Make it Work
  5. Frozen Margarita
  6. When I’m Drunk I Like to Cut You
  7. Just Like a Band Aid
  8. I Wear Your Clothes When You’re Not Home
  9. Plastic Moss/Mosque

Diamond Lion closed the night with an utterly joyful show that included scratch and sniff stickers that smelled of horses and a cast with some stellar pipes.

On Saturday night Missy and I played as a part of Jeff Hiller’s Dream Team.  Jeff is a cast member of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and our show was studded with other insanely talented people such as Chris Sullivan, Lisa Jolley, Jon Roufaeal, and Colleen McHugh.  To top it off we were backed up by the band from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  It was an orgasm and a half to play in that show.  Our warmup alone blew my mind (harmonies, levels, bits) and was a promise of things to come.  The show went swimmingly, left us literally breathless and we did an encore with water bottles in hand.

Here’s some video evidence…

We left New York ready to keep rocking faces off and excited to return for next year’s festival.  A huge thank you to T.J. Mannix, Melanie Girton, Robin Rothman, Mary Archbold, Jo Young and the rest of the NYMIF staff.  You rock.


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