The Barb Lameter Show

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jet Eveleth is a staple of the Chicago improv, sketch and stand-up comedy scenes.  She performs regularly with every group ever (including, but not limited to the Reckoning, the Deltones, and the Armando Diaz Experience) at iO, goes on cruise ships with the Second CIty, teaches at Columbia College and iO, and serves as Artistic Director of the Chicago Improv Festival.  One of the shows she does periodically at iO is the Barb Lameter Show, which can only be described at 10:44 p.m. as like the Pee-Wee Show on crack.  She plays the host, Barb Lameter, who writes letters to famous people and is visited in a deus ex machina fashion by friends and neighbors who get into crazy shenanigans with her.  It’s pretty effing hilarious.

Well, Jet was kind enough to invite Reset List to play in one of her most recent shows, in which she wrote and directed a Zombie Romance High School Musical Tragedy.  Israel played her voice teacher, Missy her mail person, and Matt her neighborhood member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (THE MOOOORMONS).  We dropped in at just the right moments to help Barb stage the first draft of her show.  Other people also popped up in to Barb’s world to help create a Zombie Romance High School Musical Tragedy that included love at first zombie sight, forbidden relationships, runaway teenagers and ultimately…suicide.  Oh yeah, there were songs too.  Sing song songs.

We had a great time performing with Jet while Andrew had to attend to other commitments and feel extreme, vomit inducing, envy.  And if he didn’t vomit he should now while reading this blog… we’re waiting.


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