Save the Bees, Y’all

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Busy Bee Promotions, teaming up with Heifer International, produced the 1st annual Busy Bee Ball in an effort to save the bees from colony collapse disorder and to provide healthy hives to communities all around the world.  Vendors and performers donated their products and talents for this ball and Reset List was one of them.  We shared the stage with awesome acts such as Dot Dot Dot, Jenn Cuneta and David “Jade” Sotomayor.  Also lending their skills was a contortionist, a stilt walker a ball balancer extraordinaire and a few people who played very well with fire.  If this was not enough for attendees to enjoy, there was food and drink aplenty AND a slide/ball pit and swingset to boot.

Our set list eludes me though I know we created new theme songs for Illi Issimo, Cascal and Kerrygold (hopefully to the delight of the product reps who were attending the ball).  I’ll blame my memory lapse on a “head injury” sustained while playing in the ball pit.

Thanks to Busy Bee Promotions for inviting us to help them save some Bees.  We had a great time and we left with some sweeeeeeeeeeeet swag.


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