Blue Reset Glee List Club…or Night #2 at the Viaduct

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

For show #2 we teamed up with the Blue Ribbon Glee Club, Chicago’s one and only punk/alternative rock glee club. A group of 25 people singing a Black Sabbath cover accompanied by nothing by cymbals is nothing short of gleeful. They kicked off the night and got the audiences ears properly lubricated so we could make sweet musical love with their cochleas.

Our set list this week included…

1. Welcome Home Michael

2. A Toupee is Not an Altar
3. Fuck Me Like it’s Middle School
4. In St. Petersburg, I Got the Urge
5. Pepsi
6. Work Horse
7. Destination Des Moines
8. Ireland Vs. Scotland (Scotland wins, just so you know)
9. Save the Whales
10. My Dick is Amazing
11. Knife Fight
12. Lions, Tigers, Bears and Pi
Show #3 is coming up and with it Stealth Like a Canoe. We hope to see you all there.
  1. Sarah says:

    Ireland Vs. Scotland….was amazing. I still dream about that song! Stellar job guys and gal!

  2. Seth says:


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