Half Way There

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Show #3 at the viaduct opened with the dulcet tones of Stealth Like a Canoe, a romantically entwined duo who trade off on guitar, accordion, ukulele, keys and vocals. They certainly rocked the boat (or canoe in their case). We’re going to be best facebook friends FOREVER…or until facebook gets replaced by another social networking site. Then we might actually have to have face time. I know. Hanging out with people is so 1998, but we in Reset List break social norms like pretzel sticks.

We played another set of your favorite songs last night which included…

1. Pot Can Kill You (from “Reset List Goes to College”)

2. What Did You Do 2 Tha Dawg (from “Awkward Conversations With Your Parents.”)
3. Mullets (from the album “Bad Hair Day”)
4. Luge (from our “Chicago 2016 Album”…even though Luge is technically a winter sport…shut it.)
5. Allopecia (from our album, “Diseases”)
6. You know Why?! (an ex-girlfriend song, who just so happened to be in the audience)
7. The Homeless E Bombination
8. The Tribal Armband Tattoo
9. Corn in the Pool
10. Robots Like to Fuck (from our Sci-fi album)
11. Suck My Caucus (written during our run for office in 2008)
12. I’m Married to My Sister

Next week Chicago stand-up comedian, Ken Barnard, opens the show. See you there.

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