5 openers, 5 more reasons to see Reset List

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Not only are we planning on impregnating your ears with our rock babies but we’ve invited our friends to join in on the fun.  Allow me to explain.  Reset List will have a different opening act for each of our five shows in September at the Viaduct Theater.  While most bands just have other bands opening up for them we decided to be more inclusive and have invited a wide range of talents to join us in blowing your children’s children’s children’s minds. 

Here’s a quick look at the opening acts for our upcoming run

9/2 – On Tap
This group will tap your face off.  They perform a mix of choreographed and improvised tap dance numbers and we were blown away when they opened up for us last year at the Viaduct.  Here’s some video evidence of Matt trying to keep up with them.

9/9 – Stealth Like a Canoe
From their website “Stealth Like A Canoe is an alluring Chicago pop-rock band with lovely guy/girl harmonies and a magnetic intensity that can be both haunting and sweet. At its core, Stealth Like A Canoe is Nicolette and Adam, a couple for seven years, who combine driving guitar, old school organ and just a dollop of accordion to form a beautiful storm of charm and sway.”  This will be our third opportunity to play with Stealth and we think they’re sweller than swell.

9/16 – Kenny Metroff
Kenny Metroff’s brand of comedy can be described as “an eclectic post-modern hodge podge of both story-based observational hilarity and fantastical guffaws”. In essence, he shares that which tickles him in order to brighten your day. Kenny has been performing stand up professionally throughout the Midwest since 2005. He currently produces “Stand Up @ The BE” on Saturdays at 10pm Studio BE theatre in Lakeview. (www.stuio-be.org)
He can also be seen performing improv and sketch comedy at the same theatre with pH Productions (www.whatisph.com). For good measure he will list a final promotional site, www.youtube.com/kennymetroffcomedy – go there and subscribe!

9/23 – Becky Poole
1 woman. 1 saw.  Infinite possibilities.  Watch her demo.

9/30 – The Blue Ribbon Glee Club
The Blue Ribbon Glee Club is Chicago’s one and only punk/alternative rock glee club who are accompanied by a tambourine and a can of whoop-ass.  Monica Kendrick from the Chicago Reader has this to say about them. “The performances are enthusiastically, charmingly amateur, and the overall effect is akin to having a troop of carolers show up at your door singing songs you actually like.”

*Please note:  The only known contraceptive against rock babies is a good pair of earplugs.  We’ve tried condoms but they look funny.  Funny weird.


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