Opening Night at the Viaduct

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Boom, y’all.  We are officially open for business at the Viaduct Theater.  Our first show went well.  We had a great crowd and On Tap opened up with some stellar tap dancing.  They have got some seriously talented feet.

Here’s our set list from the evening:

  1. Brownie Cake
  2. Don’t Pick That
  3. Please Please Don’t
  4. Let’s Split
  5. General Hospice
  6. You are my favorite gummy Bear
  7. Unicorns vs. Puppies
  8. Circumcision Saturdaze
  9. Obatamy
  10. Hoot a Nanny
  11. Ralph the Vitner
  12. Sup’ B’rall
  13. Polka Your Pants Off


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