Week 4 at the Viaduct

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Week 4 came, saw and conquered with sweet sexy rock and roll.  Becky Poole opened up with some amazing musical saw.  “Musical SAW?” you ask.  “Musical effing saw” we coyly answer.  It is a sight to be seen and a joy to experience.  Ever heard anyone say “Better than Rainbow Connection on a saw?”  We didn’t think so.

Here’s the set list:

  1. Crabs R Us
  2. Don’t Eat that Paste
  3. Temporary Tattoo
  4. Modern Family
  5. Oh God!
  6. Back to Jamaica
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. What the Hell Y’all
  9. The School Bus is Yellow
  10. Buffalo Honky Tonk
  11. Cellphone Sorrow
  12. You are Damn Sexy
  13. Zombie Magic
  1. Michelle says:

    I wonder if she knows about the annual musical saw festival in New York – she might want to perform there: http://www.musicalsawfestival.org

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