Week 5 at the Viaduct

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Holy closing week, Batman!  Great audience, great opener, great set list.  The Blue Ribbon Glee Club came in and rocked it in a huge way.  Picture 30 people covering Black Sabbath in four-part  a capella harmonies and you’ve got the awesomeness that is the Blue Ribbon Glee Club.  Now you know what that crescent shaped blip on your radar is.  I can’t wait to see them again.

We followed up with a closing night set that we are proud to say was definitely suitable for children (please refer to song 7…and 10,11, 12, and 14…oh yeah, and 4).  Really old children.

Here’s the set list: 

  1. Pierogie Guiness
  2. 80 lbs Away from Love
  3. Kindergarten
  4. You’re Doing it in the Morgue
  5. Kwanzaa with the Family
  6. The Great Twister Accident
  7. Cum Rag
  8. I Doubt Your Commitment to Spark my Emotion
  9. Carnies are People too
  10. Penguins in my Porn
  11. I’m at Craig’s, Baby Please Come Over
  12. Just the Tip to See how it Feels
  13. Test Tube Babies
  14. Watch out for Threesomes

We had a great run of shows at the Viaduct and we can’t wait for future performances.  Make sure to check back for future dates to have your mind blown.


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