Save the Bees, Y’all

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Busy Bee Promotions, teaming up with Heifer International, produced the 1st annual Busy Bee Ball in an effort to save the bees from colony collapse disorder and to provide healthy hives to communities all around the world.  Vendors and performers donated their products and talents for this ball and Reset List was one of them.  We shared the stage with awesome acts such as Dot Dot Dot, Jenn Cuneta and David “Jade” Sotomayor.  Also lending their skills was a contortionist, a stilt walker a ball balancer extraordinaire and a few people who played very well with fire.  If this was not enough for attendees to enjoy, there was food and drink aplenty AND a slide/ball pit and swingset to boot.

Our set list eludes me though I know we created new theme songs for Illi Issimo, Cascal and Kerrygold (hopefully to the delight of the product reps who were attending the ball).  I’ll blame my memory lapse on a “head injury” sustained while playing in the ball pit.

Thanks to Busy Bee Promotions for inviting us to help them save some Bees.  We had a great time and we left with some sweeeeeeeeeeeet swag.

NYMIF 2011

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We were invited back to New York City for the third annual New York Musical Improv Festival. Missy and I (Matt) had a fantastic time at NYMIF 2010 and so we jumped at the opportunity to perform again. This year showcased the talents of 35 different groups from all over the country and we were fortunate enough to be one of them.

It was just the two of us performing again and we wanted to raise the bar so I bought myself a little toy. A little expensive toy – also known as a looping pedal – that allowed our two person show to become a seven layer dip of improvised rock and roll awesomeness.  Plus we wore matching outfits.  Matching. Mother. Effing. Outfits.

Bar raised.

Here’s the set list…

  • The Badgers Stole Our Moment
  • What’s New in Atlantic City
  • Cinnamon Obsession
  • Why Am I Still on Fire?
  • Shiny Hiney
  • I Love Salmon Roe
  • Porn for Dummies

Thanks once again to the awesome folks at NYMIF for having us.  Let’s play again sometime.

Pimprov, the best, and only pimps doing improv anywhere ever, invited us to open for them on October 21st.  I’ve seen them a few times and they certainly do bring the funny.  They also bring a great effing audience who were a joy to play for. 

The set list went something like this:

  • Great Lakes Burning River
  • Mr. Baum
  • Green Balloon
  • Birthday Song
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow
  • Wrinkly Balls

Have us back any time, pimps.

Acoustic Night at the Elbo Room

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We were invited by the Elbo Room to play as part of an acoustic series of shows that they were producing.  On July 25th we took the stage with Felix & Lyons and made up some sweet sweet songs for an awesome group of friends, strangers and friends of strangers alike. 
Here’s the set list:
  1. My Car
  2. Typewriter Bird
  3. Netflix Documentary
  4. The 2nd One
  5. Flight of the Wolf-Dragon
  6. Pug in My Pocket
  7. Star Crust
  8. Creepy Dude
  9. Glitter
  10. Orphan’s Christmas
  11. Suntan Tumor
  12. Dairy Queen Rat
  13. My Junkie Sister

The Barb Lameter Show

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Jet Eveleth is a staple of the Chicago improv, sketch and stand-up comedy scenes.  She performs regularly with every group ever (including, but not limited to the Reckoning, the Deltones, and the Armando Diaz Experience) at iO, goes on cruise ships with the Second CIty, teaches at Columbia College and iO, and serves as Artistic Director of the Chicago Improv Festival.  One of the shows she does periodically at iO is the Barb Lameter Show, which can only be described at 10:44 p.m. as like the Pee-Wee Show on crack.  She plays the host, Barb Lameter, who writes letters to famous people and is visited in a deus ex machina fashion by friends and neighbors who get into crazy shenanigans with her.  It’s pretty effing hilarious.

Well, Jet was kind enough to invite Reset List to play in one of her most recent shows, in which she wrote and directed a Zombie Romance High School Musical Tragedy.  Israel played her voice teacher, Missy her mail person, and Matt her neighborhood member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (THE MOOOORMONS).  We dropped in at just the right moments to help Barb stage the first draft of her show.  Other people also popped up in to Barb’s world to help create a Zombie Romance High School Musical Tragedy that included love at first zombie sight, forbidden relationships, runaway teenagers and ultimately…suicide.  Oh yeah, there were songs too.  Sing song songs.

We had a great time performing with Jet while Andrew had to attend to other commitments and feel extreme, vomit inducing, envy.  And if he didn’t vomit he should now while reading this blog… we’re waiting.

Our biggest fan (other than you, of course), Tom Bambara, hosts Tonight It’s Live: with Tom Bambara every Saturday night at 11 p.m. at the Oracle Theatre here in Chicago.  His weekly talk show features co-host Andi Woody, one-man house-band Manny Being Manny, video sketches and interviews with different members of the Chicago creative community each episode.  It’s funny, fun AND it’s also FREE.  As in, entertainment for zero number of dollars.

Also appearing on Tonight It’s Live with us was Esteban Andres Cruz, a Jeff Award winning actor, singer, dancer, and younameiter.  He was there promoting (among an insane amount of other projects) Easy Six, a rat-pack era show at the Factory Theatre.  Also, look for him in the next Harold and Kumar film.

We played three songs, discussed with Tom the origins of both Reset List and Missy’s talent (which somehow led us into a tangent on duck rape) and played a little Beastie Rap with Tom and Andi to boot.  T’was joyful.

Here’s the set list:

  • Worker’s Comp
  • Potato Friend
  • I’m All Wet and at the Beach
Here’s some video evidence.
Here’s a link to the entire episode for your viewing pleasure.

Images courtesy of John Abbott

The theme for this year’s Chicago Improv Festival was “Exploring Improv’s Edge.”  It included 95 shows from 8 nations and 32 cities and we were invited to play in 2 of those 95 shows!  For our first show we performed an electric/acoustic set at the Playground Theatre with Electric Lunchbox, a fellow Chicago improv group.  We played to an awesome sold-out house full of friends and strangers alike.  I’m not going to lie, it felt pretty good.

Here’s the Set List:

  1. Thriller
  2. 7 Fulcrum
  3. Hipster in Paradise
  4. Job Malfunction
  5. Blumpkin
  6. Get UR Boner Back
  7. Love the Sauce

Images courtesy of John Abbot

For our second show we played as part of the “Special Edge” series where different groups were joined together to create a something new, challenging and fun.  We were teamed up with The Era, The Currency, This is OK Cause We Are Singing About It, Williams and Martinez, Twins Comedy, Leotard Foundation and Sit Still for an evening of awesome.  First, our songs fed their scenes fed our songs fed their scenes fed Ethiopia for a week!  During the second half of the show Sit Still’s base scene served as a jumping off point for a montage of  scenes which allowed players from all the groups to mix and match, creating fresh comedy with new partners galore.  Memorable moments included “Shoot your twin day” at the shooting range, free cake, and Wonder Woman outfits.

Hopefully we did CIF proud explored the shit out of improv’s edge.  Thanks to Jonathan Pitts, Jet Eveleth and gang for having us again this year.  Let’s do it again sometime.