We were invited by Cabaret Vagabond to join in on the fun for their Christmas of theFuture.  Every two months or so they gather a gaggle of performers in various venues around Chicago to put on an evening of song, dance, poetry, stand-up, painting, theatre, toasts and other various acts of kunst.  Their Christmas of the Future was no different (yet each of their shows are different…mind blown).  Martyr’s housed the festivities and it was a blast.

Here’s the set list

  1. Future Sex in Space
  2. What do the Lonely do on Christmas
  3. Mom and Mistletoe
  4. Das Ist Kunst
  5. Fatal Dreidel

A huge thanks to Cabaret Vagabond for having us.  Let’s do it again sometime.

Bright lights, big city, y’all!  We just got back from the New York Musical Improv Festival and holy hell it was a sweet ride.  We were welcomed by the production staff who treated us like family, free hugs abounded and the entire experience was chock full of awesome.  Each show we saw was populated by extremely talented improvisers and we were fortunate to get to share a stage with them…TWICE.
Missy and I hit the stage on Friday night opening up for Diamond Lion.  It was our first set playing as a duo and we were as stoked as ever.  Adding to that excitement was the fact that we got to play to a sold-out house (and I personally was excited about wearing a kimono).  Hearts were broken, babies were baptized in the sweet funk of our tunes, and we all learned the true meaning of the apocalypse…if we could agree on how it’s supposed to happen in the first place.
Here’s the set list:
  1. Whichita Loves a Lady
  2. I Love You More Than I Say I Do
  3. Blowfish Apocalypse
  4. Ken and Barbie Could Make it Work
  5. Frozen Margarita
  6. When I’m Drunk I Like to Cut You
  7. Just Like a Band Aid
  8. I Wear Your Clothes When You’re Not Home
  9. Plastic Moss/Mosque

Diamond Lion closed the night with an utterly joyful show that included scratch and sniff stickers that smelled of horses and a cast with some stellar pipes.

On Saturday night Missy and I played as a part of Jeff Hiller’s Dream Team.  Jeff is a cast member of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and our show was studded with other insanely talented people such as Chris Sullivan, Lisa Jolley, Jon Roufaeal, and Colleen McHugh.  To top it off we were backed up by the band from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  It was an orgasm and a half to play in that show.  Our warmup alone blew my mind (harmonies, levels, bits) and was a promise of things to come.  The show went swimmingly, left us literally breathless and we did an encore with water bottles in hand.

Here’s some video evidence…

We left New York ready to keep rocking faces off and excited to return for next year’s festival.  A huge thank you to T.J. Mannix, Melanie Girton, Robin Rothman, Mary Archbold, Jo Young and the rest of the NYMIF staff.  You rock.

NYC Here We Come!!!

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We have been invited to perform at the New York City Musical Improv Festival!  AND we accepted said invitation!!!Beginning on Friday night, November 12, 2010 improvisers from all over our great nation will descend upon New York City and fill it with the sexiest per-capita singemups you’ve NEVER seen.  There will be shows Friday and Saturday nights at the Magnet Theater and a benefit show for Gilda’s Club at the Helen Mills Theater on Sunday night.

Reset List will be performing an acoustic show for the festival on Friday November 12 at 10 p.m.  and we share the bill with Diamond Lion.  On Saturday night Missy and Matt will also be performing as part of Jeff Hiller’s Dream Team a veritable Justice League of musical improv goodness (with slightly less spandex).  Tickets to each show are $15 and come with a free hug or secret handshake provided by either Matt or Missy.

You should probably drop everything and show up.

Week 5 at the Viaduct

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Holy closing week, Batman!  Great audience, great opener, great set list.  The Blue Ribbon Glee Club came in and rocked it in a huge way.  Picture 30 people covering Black Sabbath in four-part  a capella harmonies and you’ve got the awesomeness that is the Blue Ribbon Glee Club.  Now you know what that crescent shaped blip on your radar is.  I can’t wait to see them again.

We followed up with a closing night set that we are proud to say was definitely suitable for children (please refer to song 7…and 10,11, 12, and 14…oh yeah, and 4).  Really old children.

Here’s the set list: 

  1. Pierogie Guiness
  2. 80 lbs Away from Love
  3. Kindergarten
  4. You’re Doing it in the Morgue
  5. Kwanzaa with the Family
  6. The Great Twister Accident
  7. Cum Rag
  8. I Doubt Your Commitment to Spark my Emotion
  9. Carnies are People too
  10. Penguins in my Porn
  11. I’m at Craig’s, Baby Please Come Over
  12. Just the Tip to See how it Feels
  13. Test Tube Babies
  14. Watch out for Threesomes

We had a great run of shows at the Viaduct and we can’t wait for future performances.  Make sure to check back for future dates to have your mind blown.

Week 4 at the Viaduct

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Week 4 came, saw and conquered with sweet sexy rock and roll.  Becky Poole opened up with some amazing musical saw.  “Musical SAW?” you ask.  “Musical effing saw” we coyly answer.  It is a sight to be seen and a joy to experience.  Ever heard anyone say “Better than Rainbow Connection on a saw?”  We didn’t think so.

Here’s the set list:

  1. Crabs R Us
  2. Don’t Eat that Paste
  3. Temporary Tattoo
  4. Modern Family
  5. Oh God!
  6. Back to Jamaica
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. What the Hell Y’all
  9. The School Bus is Yellow
  10. Buffalo Honky Tonk
  11. Cellphone Sorrow
  12. You are Damn Sexy
  13. Zombie Magic

Week 3 at the Viaduct

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Week 3 found us hanging out with Kenny Metroff, who opened the show withsome kick ass stand up comedy.  If you want to see more of him he does improv with pH Productions (full disclosure: so does Matt) and he hosts Standup at the BE on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. at Studio BE.  Dude makes the funny happen.
We followed Kenny with a thrashing set where we broke our first guitar string onstage and lamented the fact that we didn’t have a roadie.  That didn’t stop us though.  We played some mean 5 string guitar.  And if anyone is interested, we’re currently taking applications for a roadie.  You must be able to lift heavy objects, restring guitars on the fly, and fluff our egos every half hour.  Ego fluffing must be accompanied by shoulder rubs and Eskimo kisses.
Here’s the set list:
  1. Days of Thunder
  2. Don’t Put Your Finger in There
  3. Belly Button Blues
  4. My Ewok Just Died
  5. Tramp Stamp Lament
  6. Xenophobia
  7. Lesbian Cowboy
  8. Bring it to me After we go Onstage Like I’m a Roadie
  9. This is the 9th Song
  10. Gazebo on the Quad
  11. S-Boo

Driving Blind Fundraiser

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Justin Purvis was driving around the country with his brother and a camera crew. Why was he driving around the country with his brother and a camera crew, you ask?  We’ll tell you.  Justin and his brother both have Choroideremia, a congenital eye disease that gradually leads to extreme vision loss and even blindness.  Justin and his brother are still both able to see but they’re on their way across the United States taking in all they can in the event that they do lose their vision.  On the way they are filming a documentary and raising awareness in a project called Driving Blind.

On the Chicago leg of their tour they had an evening of improv at the Chemically Imbalanced Comedy theatre with two acts, an intermission and 6 improv groups.  Matt had done improv with Justin in college and Reset List was invited to play a short set.  It was our first acoustic set in front of an audience and we played for keeps, which included utterly destroying a tambourine (may it rest in pieces) and more rhymes than you can shake a stick at.

Here’s the set list:

  1. Butter My Bread then Give me Head
  2. $2 Items at the Dollar Store
  3. You Rode Your Segway Into the Sunset
  4. Tunnel Vision Love
  5. G-Spot Parking Lot